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Florida Man, Accused of Terrorism Based on Book Collection, Set Free

Murtaza Hussain reports for The Intercept:

Featured photo - Florida Man, Accused of Terrorism Based on Book Collection, Set Free[…] Robertson’s case attracted national attention after prosecutors attempted to argue earlier this year that the contents of his book collection constituted evidence of his connection to terrorism. Prosecutors singled out roughly 20 titles from the more than 10,000 e-books Robertson owned, highlighted a selection of controversial passages, and used that to argue that he should be sentenced as though he were a terrorist.

None of Robertson’s charges — conspiracy to file a false tax return and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon — were terrorism offenses.

In a memorandum issued along with his decision yesterday, Judge Gregory A. Presnell strongly repudiated the government’s argument that Robertson’s book collection proved a connection to terrorism. “[T]here was no evidence produced that Robertson ever accessed these particular documents, much less that he took their extremism to heart,” Presnell wrote, noting that even had Robertson read the books in question, it would not have constituted evidence of terrorism.’



FBI Al-Qaeda Informants Didn’t Stop WTC Bombings

‘Abby Martin goes over the anniversary of the 1993 first WTC Bombing, explaining how an FBI informant embedded in the group responsible for the attack wasn’t prevented from carrying it out. She also discusses the revelation that the FBI had a mole embedded within Bin Laden’s leadership that could have prevented future terrorist attacks.’ (Breaking the Set)