The Lazy “Jeremy Corbyn Is Unelectable” Propaganda Trope

Thomas G. Clark writes for Another Angry Voice:

Image result for jeremy corbyn unelectablePolitical propaganda works by programming intellectually lazy people with very simple tropes that they can rote learn and regurgitate instead of doing the hard work of actually researching and thinking about the issues for themselves.

Two of the most ubiquitous of these glib political propaganda tropes are the “Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable” one and the “Theresa May is a strong leader one”.

I’ve already written an article ripping the ludicrously counterfactual right-wing “Theresa May is a strong leader” trope to shreds (see here) and this article exists to confront the “Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable” one.

If every Labour Party supporter uses this as a reply every single time they see the “unelectable” trope being wheeled out, maybe it might eradicate this vacuous right-wing propaganda nonsense by getting people actually talking about Labour’s actual policies, rather than just blibber-blabbering their rote-learned political propaganda tropes all over the place.



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