How the Mirror Uncovered Election Fraud Claims Which Could Come Back to Haunt Theresa May’s Tories Before Polling Day

Nick Sommerlad reports for Press Gazette:

This is billed as the Brexit election – the opportunity to refight the battles of a year ago over the biggest political question in a generation.

But it could yet turn into an election fraud election – with a cunning plan hatched by David Cameron’s Remainer CCHQ more than two years ago coming back to haunt Theresa May and her merry band of Brexiteers.

The date everyone is watching is 8 June – polling day. But 20 May could be when this election is turned on its head, the deadline for the first of at least 14 current Tory MPs to find out if they are to be prosecuted for election fraud. The others, it might be up to 20, or even more, must learn their fate by early June.

They won’t be MPs by then of course. Parliament will have been dissolved by 12 May at the latest. But they could be forced to file their nomination papers by 3 May with an unresolved year-long police investigation hanging over their heads.

So we could see a string of what were once considered marginal Tory seats being defended by candidates who face being put on trial during the next parliament accused of being fraudulently elected to the current one.



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