Linda McMahon Seems a Perfect Fit for the Trump Administration

Dave Hannigan reports for The Irish Times:

Linda McMahon was a failed Republican candidate for the US Senate in 2010 and 2012. Photograph: Abigail Pheiffer-Pool/Getty Images.When Mick Foley, an iconic figure in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) universe, missed an episode of Monday Night Raw last month, initial reports indicated the current general manager of the production was away getting a hip replacement.

Not an unexpected surgery for a man who has been putting his body on the line for decades. However, it later emerged that Foley didn’t have the operation because it costs $60,000 and he currently does not have health insurance to cover that astronomical figure.

Foley was embarrassed by the subsequent brouhaha and stymied an effort by devoted fans to crowdfund the treatment. But that somebody who is performing for the American public on television every week has to wait to replace a hip damaged over years in the line of duty highlighted once again the strange work practices of the WWE. Despite annual revenues around the $650 million mark, all wrestlers are independent contractors, not employees, and they must purchase their own health insurance.

As former president and CEO of this company notorious for putting the bottom line before the welfare of workers, Linda McMahon seems an obvious pick by Donald Trump to head up America’s Small Business Administration (SBA).



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