Seven UK National Newspapers Losing Print Sales at More Than 10% Year on Year

Dominic Ponsford reports for Press Gazette:

Seven UK national newspapers are currently losing sales at a rate of more than ten per cent year on year, according to the latest ABC figures for December.

The UK’s top selling daily, The Sun, fell 10.5 per cent year on year to an average of 1,611,464 copies per day. It has added an extra 34,000 free bulk copies year on year, meaning the paid-for sale declined by 12.6 per cent when these are taken out of the equation.

The other big fallers were: the Sunday Mirror (down 16.3 per cent), the Daily Mirror (down 11.68 per cent), Sunday People (down 15.1 per cent), Daily Star Sunday (down 13.2 per cent), Sunday Mail (down 12.7 per cent) and the Sunday Post (down 13.5 per cent).

The only titles to grow print sales year on year were The Sunday Times and The Times, helped by increased free bulk copies (often distributed at hotels and airports).



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