Megyn Kelly Is Still Terrible

Branko Marcetic writes for Jacobin:

[…] It’s not unusual for journalists to talk about Megyn Kelly’s “brand.” In fact, the more cynical among us might even view Kelly’s late-era turn away from conservative orthodoxy as at least somewhat part of a wider brand-building exercise as she takes her career to the next level. So it pays to ask: what has Kelly’s “brand” been for most of her reporting career, prior to this?

At Fox, Kelly spent a decade perfecting a style of journalism that could be described as one-two punch of bug-eyed, right-wing outrage and contemptuous, sarcastic dismissal. Along the way, she has championed some of the Right’s most damaging and irresponsible myths, provided an uncritical platform for a who’s who of right-wing kooks, and consistently—and often wrongly—backed the perpetrators of state violence.

More than any other, the subject of race is where Kelly has consistently displayed views that should disturb anyone remotely left of center. Viewers with a keen memory might remember Kelly’s 2010 headfirst dive into right-wing conspiracizing when she joined the Fox News pile-on on the “New Black Panther Party,” a small, fringe, racist and separatist group that has no connection to the original Black Panthers.



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