Could Leah Remini’s Series Be Scientology’s Church Abuse Scandal?

Bethany Mandel reports for The Federalist:

Image result for Leah Remini scientologyLast week A&E aired not one, but two new episodes of its series exposing Scientology, “Scientology: The Aftermath.” Both shed light on the darkest elements of the group, which the series charges has terrorized and even caused the deaths of opponents and followers alike. What makes Scientology a cult instead of just an extreme religion? These two episodes explained the difference better than any of the previous episodes.

The first new episode was an aired edition of a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) in which actress Leah Remini answered viewers’ questions about the cult. She sat opposite the former International Spokesman of Scientology and one of its most famous defectors, Mike Rinder, and interviewed a series of the most famous foes of Scientology, including the subject of a groundbreaking book, entitled “The Unbreakable Miss Lovely.” It’s from perhaps the most famous contemporary Scientology chronicler, a journalist who first exposed the group.

Other guests included Karen de la Carriere, the ex-wife of Scientology President Heber Jentzsch and mother to Alex Jentzsch. Karen squarely blames Scientology for Alex’s untimely death. This episode was a last-minute addition to the rotation of eight episodes A&E filmed in Remini’s series, which is the first of its kind about the “religion” on television.



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