Carrie Fisher (1956–2016)

Eileen Jones writes for Jacobin:

For many people, the death of Carrie Fisher means the death of Princess Leia. She knew it would, writing,

I tell my younger friends that one day they’ll be at a bar playing pool and they’ll look up at the television set and there will be a picture of Princess Leia with two dates underneath, and they’ll say “Awww — she said that would happen.” And then they’ll go back to playing pool.

I‘ll have to let someone else write that Princess Leia tribute, someone who can do it with proper fervor. That’s not the Carrie Fisher that interests me.

What I liked about Carrie Fisher was that she seemed inclined to tell the truth, and almost nobody does that, certainly not Hollywood stars. Most certainly not Hollywood stars that are also what Fisher called “the product of Hollywood inbreeding,” referring to her status as the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, the star-child of star-parents. Maintaining stardom generally results in a lot of secrets, and you’d think dynastic stardom would only intensify that tendency over generations.



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