Donald Trump vs Planet Earth… and the Fall of the American Republic

Nafeez Ahmed writes for INSURGE Intelligence:

[…] It’s no surprise then that many of Trump’s senior advisors on his campaign team have direct ties to full-blown neo-Nazi parties in Europe.

These appointments make one thing very clear. Donald Trump’s incoming government plans to kill the American republic on the altar of American fascism.

The war on the American republic, led by special interests, neoconservative ideologues, corporate giants, defense conglomerates and Big Oil, has gone on for some time. It has now reached epic proportions, resulting in a situation where white supremacists who sympathise with the Klu Klux Klan hold the levers of political power.

Trump wants to slash taxes for the rich, cozy up with dictators like Putin, support state-sponsors of ISIS like Erdogan, and launch a full-scale planetary war on the environmental basis of human survival by burning the world’s remaining oil, gas and coal.

And to justify it, he wants to intensify populist hatred against minorities — black people, Mexicans, Muslims, gays — so that he has lots of people to blame, to deport, to shoot, to indefinitely detain, when his insane plans dramatically fail.



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