Trump National Security Adviser Pick Michael Flynn Has Medals — and Baggage

Ken Dilanian reports for NBC News:

Image result for Michael FlynnThe man Donald Trump wants to be his top national security adviser is a decorated retired general with a history of shaking things up.

In 2010, Michael Flynn, then an Army major general, co-authored a scathing report arguing that military intelligence was failing in Afghanistan, and largely irrelevant to the counterinsurgency campaign being waged there.

The well-received expose propelled Flynn’s rise to become the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2012, serving as a senior figure in an intelligence apparatus ultimately reporting to President Barack Obama.

But two years later, Flynn was forced out — accused, by officials speaking not for attribution, of being a bad manager who left a chaos in his wake. Initially quiet but increasingly embittered, Flynn ultimately hitched his wagon to Donald Trump and began to appear at rallies complaining of Hillary Clinton‘s “criminal activity” in stark language that stunned many of his former colleagues.

Now, Flynn, a 57-year-old decorated combat veteran who retired with three stars, has been asked by Trump to serve as his national security adviser, a senior transition official told NBC News. The news was first reported by the Associated Press.



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