Muslim-Hating Conspiracy Theorist Frank Gaffney Advising Trump’s Transition Team

Jon Schwarz reports for The Intercept:

Image result for frank gaffneyAccording to the Wall Street Journal, Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, has joined Donald Trump’s transition team to work on national security issues. Trump’s campaign has denied that Gaffney is officially part of the transition, and the New York Times is reporting that Trump is merely relying on “advice” from Gaffney.

Either way, this is an extremely bad sign. Every society has people like Gaffney, but in healthy, functioning democracies they live quietly in their parents’ basements, free to play with action figures and construct intricate fantasy worlds without hurting anyone else.

In 2016 America, however, Gaffney is now sitting at the right hand of the president-elect.



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