Washington Insiders Love A Winner – Even If He’s Donald Trump

David Lightman reports for McClatchy:

Protesters took to the streets of Boulder, Colorado, to protest Donald Trump’s election. In Washington, though, some of his most vocal opponents welcomed him.Here’s the post-election version of a divided America: While the nation’s streets and social media erupted in protest of the Donald Trump presidency, Washington insiders were joining together to embrace him.

Inside the Capitol, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., who a month ago was so disgusted with Trump that he said he would no longer defend him, had what he called a “fantastic, productive” meeting with the president-elect. The lobbyists and insiders Trump reviled are angling for influence and jobs. Some have become key members of his transition team.

Outside official circles there’s a very different mood. The half of America that rejected Trump and said it feared for the nation’s future under his presidency launched protests and threats in ways not seen in modern times.



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