Donald Trump Would Have Lost If Bernie Sanders Had Been The Candidate

Andrew Buncombe reports for The Independent:

Image result for Donald Trump would have lost US election if Bernie Sanders had been the candidate“Right now in every major poll, national poll and statewide poll done in the last month, six weeks, we are defeating Trump often by big numbers, and always at a larger margin than Secretary Clinton is.”

So spoke Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s Democratic rival in the primary, when he appeared on the May 29 2016 edition of NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’.

It was not the first time the socialist former Mayor of Burlington had made the claim. And it was something that his supporters believed passionately.

Time after time, supporters of the white-haired, frequently cantankerous Democratic socialist, said the media was helping prepare a coronation for Ms Clinton in a way that was neither fair or democratic.



2 responses

  1. Finally some one takes up that Bernie Sanders would have won this election not Trump. This is election was a farce. It is not a free democratic system. Democratic party and Hillary Clinton stole the nomination. Thwarted the objections at the democratic convention. The Republicans rezoned districts to make sure of the majority vote in those former democratic districts. ….Yet News agencies are trying to tell Americans to accept these results. ….

  2. Yep. The D party wasn’t playing to win. That simple. If they were (as in 2008), they would’ve had someone like Obama (or, more obviously, Bernie). Polls, pundits, and common sense all agreed that of all possible D candidates, the one most likely to rile up the R’s was Clinton. And that was before we realized the extent of her baggage.

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