Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump Harnessed Anti-Establishment Anger

Sam Levin, Zach Stafford, Scott Bixby and Matthew Weaver report for The Guardian:

Image result for bernie sandersBernie Sanders has acknowledged that Donald Trump managed to become US president by tapping into the anti-establishment anger of “a declining middle class” but said he will continue to challenge him.

As thousands of people crowded into streets in major cities to protest against Trump’s victory, Sanders, who defied expectations by running a close race against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, said he was prepared to work with the president-elect to help working families.

But the self-styled “democratic socialist” said he would “vigorously oppose” the “sexist, xenophobic and anti-environment policies” that featured prominently in Trump’s campaign.

Sanders, the senator from Vermont, reluctantly backed Clinton in her doomed bid for the presidency after a hard-fought Democratic campaign in which the two repeatedly clashed as he portrayed her as a member of a discredited elite.



One response

  1. The establishment was terrified of Bernie Sanders. Both Trump and Clinton changed their platforms to mirror Bernie. Everything was done to ensure he never won the nomination. I swear I want to vomit when I hear people say that Trump is a rebel. It sickens me to see what a travesty is unfolding before us….Trump is a rich racist white man. … He is a billionaire…. He his a business man who has exploited every loop hole to profiteer off of the US citizens….. A Rebel my ass!

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