Trump’s Dystopia Is Coming – But It Will Destroy Itself

Nafeez Ahmed writes for Open Democracy:

Credit: Paco Anselmi/PA Wire/PA Images. All rights reserved.So this is what the victory of Donald Trump means.

It means that the reactionary forces of the far-right are resurgent. Trump’s victory is the latest in a global trend which was previously manifest in Britain’s Brexit vote, which saw Britons vote to get out of the European Union. That itself follows a growing wave of popularity for right-wing extremists across Europe.

It’s no surprise that among the first in Europe to congratulate Trump on taking the White House were far-right leaders like France’s Marine Le Pen and the Netherlands’ Geert Wilders.

That is because, as I’ve documented elsewhere, Trump’s advisory team has close ties to Europe’s fascist political parties.

His campaign rhetoric has meant that the forces he rode to victory are hardly a secret.



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