Arabs Have No Great Expectations Of The Next U.S. President

Gilad Shiloach reports for Vocativ:

USAThe U.S presidential elections have drawn the attention of many people across the Middle East, with a great number of Arabs convinced that when it comes to their part of the world, neither a Hillary Clinton nor a Donald Trump White House will be good for them.

Vocativ analyzed tens of thousands of tweets posted on Tuesday with hashtags including #TheAmericanPresidency and #HillaryClinton, which were trending across Saudi Arabia and the region.

Exiled Syrian opposition leader Bassam Jaara tweeted: “Trump is a friend of Putin and Hillary is a friend of the Iranians. Which poison will you want for your death, Russian or Iranian?” He added that those who think a new administration would change its position towards Syria were “deluded” and criticized “those who wait for Clinton.” Others wrote: “those who wish for a Hillary Clintonvictory like she is the savior of the Islamic nation should check themselves! The killers are the same, I wonder how the victim is happy for the victory of his killer!”

Many echoed the sentiment that “both are crazy” and “two sides of the same coin.” One wrote “the Arabs and Muslims should know that whatever will be the results, this election will be against them for sure.”



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