The Trump Brand Now Stronger Than Ever

Geoffrey James reports for

Several news stories recently suggested that Trump’s campaign, fueled by his personal endorsement of his ability and right to commit sexual assault, was damaging the Trump brand.

As evidence of this, CNN cited a report that bookings at his casinos and hotels are sharply down, prompting Trump to sidetrack to promote his recently-opened (and sparsely booked) Washington D.C. hotel. In addition, a grassroots group has been boycotting sales of Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing.

That Trump’s favorability rating was down to 31 percent from a post-convention high of 38 percent would seem to lend credence to the notion that the Trump brand is a disaster in the making.

However, while a favorability rating of 31 percent is exceedingly low for a presidential candidate this close to an election, it’s actually much higher than the Trump brand has historically enjoyed.



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