Poll Shows Trump and Clinton Neck and Neck in Unpopularity Contest

Mona Chalabi reports for The Guardian:

Image result for Trump and ClintonThe most striking thing about the Washington Post/ABC poll released on Monday is not how close Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in popularity, it’s how close they are in unpopularity. Such deep dislike could affect Americans’ willingness to vote – and that’s all the more problematic for Clinton’s campaign given that the latest development in her email scandal could dent her popularity yet further.

Some analysts claim that any such dip will be temporary, but with just eight days left until most of the US votes, a short-lived decline would need to be very short.

Monday’s poll showed that the Democratic candidate is seen unfavorably by 60% of likely voters while her Republican opponent is viewed unfavorably by 58%. Voting intention was similarly close: Clinton 46%, Trump 45%, which suggests that some voters are holding their noses and picking a president they don’t like.



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