Alex Jones: The Voice In Donald Trump’s Head

Jonathan Tilove writes for the Austin American-Statesman:

It sounds like the stuff of a paranoid conspiracy theory: A man operating from a state-of-the art studio in an undisclosed location in South Austin is exercising a kind of mind control over the Republican presidential candidate.

And that this gravel-throated prophet of doom — who has been preaching against the New World Order at the very top of his barrel-chested lungs nonstop for more than two decades to what has grown into a vast, subterranean national audience — might be playing a leading role in making this the weirdest presidential race ever.

But, as the 2016 campaign draws to a close, it’s becoming plain that Austin’s Alex Jones — a right-wing broadcast personality and conspiracy theorist extraordinaire who until recently flew under the mainstream radar — might as well be the voice in Donald Trump’s head.

Trump might have heeded little of what he was told by a succession of campaign advisers, but, if you want to know what Trump is going to do or say tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, just tune into what Alex Jones is saying on the radio and online today.



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