Over 6,700 Killed In Iraq During October

Margaret Griffis reports for Antiwar:

‘[…] Antiwar.com compiled the deaths of 1,572 civilians and security personnel during October. “Security personnel” includes police, soldiers, Shi’ite militiamen, tribal and other volunteer fighters. The figure falls between the very conservative figure of 1,273 dead from the United Nations and the 1,725 killed reported by the Iraqi government. Antiwar.com found that 2,078 were wounded. The U.N. and Iraqi figures both came in over 2,000 as well.

Those numbers are likely low. Even with all the significant battles taking place, a remarkably low number of Iraqi soldiers are being reported killed. It is also impossible to know the actual number of deaths in Islamic State-controlled territory. Hundreds if not thousands of unreported deaths are occurring, with only hints of their deaths leaking out. Just this week, Human Rights Watch estimated that 600 prisoners were killed in June, but their bodies have not been found.

Likewise, there is a high number of militant deaths in comparison. At least 4,990 militants were reported killed, mostly Islamic State members. Another 505 were reported wounded. Those wounded were likely counted because they were captured. Many of the wounded returned to their camps for treatment. This figure also does not include any of the numerous reports of militant casualties behind enemy lines in airstrikes.

Combining the higher Iraqi government figures with the militant casualties, at least 6,715 were killed and 2,805 were wounded. These figures are higher than September’s, which were 3,790 killed and 1,949 wounded.’



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