Hillary Clinton criticizes Obama’s foreign policy doctrine

Maggie Haberman reports for Politico:

‘[…] Obama’s foreign policy doctrine as a whole has been slammed as too slow to respond, too passive instead of proactive, especially as crises have unfolded everywhere from Ukraine to the Gaza Strip. In the interview, Clinton, who served as secretary of state during Obama’s first term, argues there’s a balance that can be struck between muscularity and isolationism — bolstering the concept of American exceptionalism, which she promotes in her new book, “Hard Choices.” A source familiar with the interview said Clinton’s team gave the White House a warning that it had taken place. Clinton aides described the interview as one intended to promote her memoir.

Political watchers will be tempted to characterize Clinton’s comments as calibrating away from an unpopular president as she looks toward a second presidential campaign. But Clinton has always been more of a hawk than Obama, and she has reached a point where she seems comfortable explaining their differences. Still, while her comments may not have been a specific effort to escape the creeping shadow of global chaos stretching over the White House, they will be viewed that way.’



3 responses

  1. reasonablyliberal1 | Reply

    Of course, ISIS ARE Syrian rebels. She clearly wants to help some rebels but not others. That could prove difficult. There are other Democrats who would make better presidents than her – Warren, Biden, O’Malley, etc. Maybe even Kerry.

    1. I like Warren, particularly as a voice opposed to Wall Street. But I do worry that if the Democratic establishment goes with Hillary for 2016 and she doesn’t pick Warren as her running mate, that Warren will play party politics and stay tight tipped about Hillary being nothing more than a neoliberal hawk just like the other presidents before her. But yes, anyone but Hillary. I can’t see the Republicans beating her if she does run.

      1. reasonablyliberal1

        Well, you are one of a few. Most people jump on the Hillary bandwagon. Perhaps because she is the most famous. Or perhaps because they want a woman – but Warren is also a woman. The Republican field doesn’t look very strong. Who are they going to pick, Cruz? Yet another Bush (Jeb) ? Probably most of those I mentioned above could beat the Republican candidate.

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