Hawks Want Obama to Be More Like Jimmy Carter

Peter Hart writes for Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting:

Jimmy Carter

Not usually offered as a role model by right-wing columnists

There’s been no shortage of right-wing criticism of Barack Obama’s policy towards Russia. But some are advising he be more like…. Jimmy Carter?

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer (3/13/14) explained:

Obama is not the first president to conduct a weak foreign policy. Jimmy Carter was similarly inclined–until Russia invaded Afghanistan, at which point the scales fell from Carter’s eyes.

From that moment on, he writes, Carter “responded boldly,” winding up with

the massive military aid we began sending the mujaheddin, whose insurgency so bled the Russians over the next decade that they not only lost Afghanistan but were fatally weakened as a global imperial power.

Invasion woke Carter from his illusions. Will it wake Obama?



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  1. God forbid.

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