US-Backed Syrian Rebels Form New Alliance With Al-Qaeda Affiliate (and other Syrian rebel news)


From Antiwar:

Ideally, the question of whether it’s wise for America to support allegedly “moderate” elements within the Syrian opposition should have been settled when thousands of foreign fighters were reported flooding into Syria for “jihad.” Or maybe when rebels were caught torturing, executing, and mutilating people, and eating their organs. Or maybe when studies showed that half the rebels are Islamists. Or maybe when Obama waived the federal ban on supplying arms to terrorist groups to make way for his Syria policy?

No such luck. But now, if ever, the debate should be over:

“Some of Syria’s most effective rebel forces, including at least three that previously were aligned with the U.S.-backed rebel command, have formed a new alliance with an al Qaida affiliate,” McClatchy reports.

Read that again. U.S.-backed Syrian rebels have joined with al-Qaeda.




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