Obama denies asking for expanded list of Syria targets

From RT:

US media reported that President Barack Obama asked the Pentagon to expand the list of targets in Syria over Assad allegedly mobilizing troops ahead of a possible military strike. At a G20 press conference, Obama however refuted the reports.

Initially, 50 sites were chosen to carry out the potential air strike aimed at “deterring and degrading” Assad’s ability to use his resources, but now new sites are set to appear on the list, according to New York Times.

The targets include the military units that reportedly store and prepare chemical weapons, military headquarters, as well as the rockets and artillery that allegedly launched the attacks. Other sites the US is going to target include air defenses, long-range missiles and rockets, which can also deliver the weapons.

Currently, even those US congress members who are in favor of the military action insist on strict time and limits of the intervention. Plus, the lawmakers demand to precise the type of strikes that is to be conducted.

The US has allegedly revised the plan of the attack 50 times, Fox News reported.

Obama said while giving his closing speech at the G20 summit in St Petersburg that the “report is inaccurate”.

The Obama administration is currently considering sending US military trainers to work with Syrian rebels, US officials told AP. Should the training take place, it would happen outside Syria, most likely in Jordan. No decision has so far been made, but the discussions on the issue are going on in the US leadership.





4 responses

  1. Mission creep. No matter how much governments protest that term, it happens, it evolves, and ultimately puts young servicemen in the ground.
    This theater of operation will be no different.

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