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Koch foundation proposal to college: Teach our curriculum, get millions

Dave Levinthal reports for The Center for Public Integrity:

‘In 2007, when the Charles Koch Foundation considered giving millions of dollars to Florida State University’s economics department, the offer came with strings attached.

First, the curriculum it funded must align with the libertarian, deregulatory economic philosophy of Charles Koch, the billionaire industrialist and Republican political bankroller.

Second, the Charles Koch Foundation would at least partially control which faculty members Florida State University hired.

And third, Bruce Benson, a prominent libertarian economic theorist and Florida State University economics department chairman, must stay on another three years as department chairman — even though he told his wife he’d step down in 2009 after one three-year term.’


America’s Billionaires Political Power Index

Darrell M. West has produced a list of  America’s top billionaires with the most political power  for a upcoming book called Billionaires: Reflections on the Upper Crust. According to the author he “examines the political use of great wealth, including campaign expenditures, activism through nonprofit organizations and foundations, holding public office, media ownership, policy thought leadership, and behind the scenes influence.” You can learn more about it by clicking on the image below:

Gates Foundation buys six million more G4S shares ~ Herald

Scottish Herald

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust and Cascade Investment, an asset management firm owned by Mr Gates, increased their combined holding in G4S to 3.2% last week by acquiring about six million more shares.

G4S, which operates in over 125 countries, suffered a blow to its reputation when it failed to provide a promised 10,400 guards for the London Olympics.

A profit warning last month triggered the departure of chief executive Nick Buckles, who was succeeded on June 1 by Ashley Almanza.

The Gates trust was set up in 2000 to fight poverty and disease. Its other UK investments include Diageo and Carpetright.