The mystery of flight MH370: Other planes that vanished (including WW2 bomber found on the moon?)

Editor’s Note: This story is completely ridiculous but worth sharing simply because of how funny it is.

From The Week:

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has gripped the public imagination. Unanswered questions such as why passengers’ phones continue to ring, and why the aircraft apparently executed a U-turn before it disappeared have deepened the mystery. But this is not the first time a plane has gone missing. Here are five other examples of planes that vanished from the skies and have never been fully recovered…

World War 2 bomber found on the moon

Since its birth in 1986, the Sunday Sport newspaper has printed major “scoops” including the discovery of a B-52 bomber on the moon in 1988. The incredible find turned out to be just as true as other celebrated Sunday Sport stories, such as “Aliens turned our son into a fish finger” and “Statue of Elvis found on Mars”. When it emerged that no such bomber could be found on the lunar surface, the paper ran a follow-up headline on its front page: “World War 2 bomber found on moon vanishes”.

This weekend the paper reprised its best-known story, printing the headline “Missing plane found on moon” under a “world exclusive” banner. The report draws attention to an unexplained blip on the radar seen close to the flight MH370, and draws its own conclusions. “The simplest explanation is that this is an intergalactic spacecraft that has swallowed the Boeing 777 whole and transported it to the moon for some extra- terrestrial reason.” It also prints an image apparently showing the aircraft – intact and undamaged – on the surface of the moon.


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  2. fucking shit

    1. Hilarious shit.

  3. Thank Heaven they cleared that mystery up, and I always thought it was because there were 20 technicians from Freescale Semiconductor and 4 Chinese patent holders of a new gyroscope prototype that the CIA found out were trying to cut the US out of a partnership deal between China and the US and so took control of the plane turned it around midair and landed it on Diego Garcia and most likely killing all the passengers, which is why their phones still ring, then using the plane and re labeling it MH17 then crashing it over Ukrain (the second from the same airline to either crash or go missing within a few months) and blaming it on Russian supporters. Yeah all that just had to be a coincidence didn’t it?

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